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Private Jets For Sale

Having purchased, imported and operated our own jets, we fully understand the processes involved in private jet ownership and the reasons and criteria for justifying such a purchase.


There has never been a better time to buy a private jet, however owning a jet is a major decision and comes with a significant financial commitment.


We can advise you regarding the most suitable size and type of private jet you need to fulfil your travel requirements and have a wide selection of aircraft for sale capable of carrying from six to sixteen passengers with prices ranging from $3m to $30m. In addition, we can manage your private jet for you by providing experienced crew, maintenance, flight planning and all aspects of aircraft husbandry. 


  Private Jets For Sale

If you can predict how often you need to fly, to which destinations and how many passengers, then we can tailor a proposal that finds you exactly the right private jet for sale at the most efficient cost. 

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