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Using private jets for leisure is very popular, especially for those who want to travel in style with complete comfort, privacy and security. Within a few hours of a telephone call we can have your jet available at any suitable airport of your choice, complete with crew and ready to depart.


You will  arrive at the dedicated VIP private jet terminal at your chosen airport about 15 or 20 minutes prior to departure where you will be personally greeted and escorted to your jet. There will be no check in or queuing, just you, your personal flight crew of two or three and your own private jet. 


Within minutes you will be airborne in the company of your family and friends en route to your destination.


Your choice of catering and a fully stocked bar is available for you to enjoy throughout your flight. Your crew will keep you informed as to the progress of the flight and assist you with anything you may need in the cabin. 





Flown to exactly the same rules and regulations as the major airlines you will arrive on time, relaxed and in less than half of the overall travel time it would take by commercial carriers.


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