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Private Jets are an essential business tool used by many leading companies worldwide.  Many of our clients use a private jet or a helicopter to achieve a demanding schedule or complete a strategic mission that would be impossible or very stressful using commercial airlines.


You can literally 'Go Now' (within a couple of hours) if an opportunity, or a problem arises suddenly. Your aircraft will be waiting at your nearest suitable airport and will fly you to the nearest suitable airport to your destination, which in most cases is much closer than the options offered by the airlines, there are approximately ten times more airports available for private jets than for commercial planes. You can fly to multiple destinations all in one day and still be home on time for dinner with your family.  With a helicopter you can visit numerous sites in the UK and in most cases land at your actual destination or within a very short drive.





Whenever something happens out of the blue and you have to act quickly bear in mind the option of a private jet or helicopter as it may be one of the best business decisions you have ever made. Many of our clients have either made or saved far more than the cost of the jet or helicopter.

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