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Aircraft Options

There are literally thousands of private jets and helicopters available worldwide and our job is to narrow down the options for you to find the most suitable jet or helicopter for each time you want to fly.


All aircraft supplied are operated to the highest standards and are regulated in exactly the same way as the major airlines. We basically have six categories you can choose from starting with light jets for up to six passengers for short flights all the way up to airliners that can fly up to three hundred people across the world. Prices start from around £2000 per flight hour for a light jet.


We always look at the most cost effective option and then give you the closest alternatives so you can make the right choice for yourselves.



Carrying up to six passengers, you can lift from your back garden and fly direct to your waiting private jet or simply direct to your hotel, golf club or a special event such as the Grand Prix, Royal Ascot or the Derby.

Light Jets

Our light jet category will generally give you a state of the art private jet with up to six passenger seats a toilet/wash room and a luggage hold for up to six medium size bags.





Medium Jets

Our medium jet category generally carry up to eight passengers with a stand up cabin of around 5 feet in height and 5 feet wide. Also with a toilet/wash room and luggage hold but bigger than on a light jet.

Heavy Jets

Capable of carrying up to 12 people as far as the Middle East, South and West Africa and East coast USA with luggage and full galley facilities.

Long Range Jets

These aircraft will fly up to 16 people in a luxurious and spacious cabin with full reclining seats and often beds if requested.


Airliners carrying from 30  up to 300 passengers can be provided on a full charter basis to most destinations worldwide. The aircraft can be branded if required for corporate events or product launches.


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